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HDPE protective ducting for Fiber Optic Technology

Please download our MicroTechnology Product Guide and FTTX System Catalogue.

Dura-Line is the industry’s leading supplier of ducts and with good reason. We design and manufacture a superior-quality product, while offering innovations designed to make installation faster, easier and more productive.

HDPE ducts are the most commonly used underground raceway and are packaged in continuous lengths on reels or coils allowing for fast installation with minimum joints. Smoothwall can be installed via trenching, plowing and directional drilling.

Smoothwall is available in numerous colors and stripe combinations for easy identification. There are numerous wall thicknesses available as required to meet the particular installation methods and ground conditions.

Material versions:

  • High Density Poly Ethylene – standard material
  • Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF) – special material with lower flammability; specifically used in buildings´ interiors
  • Anti-static
  • UV-protected: product with higher protection against Ultra Violet radiation – exteriors with direct exposure to sun radiation


  •  the basic range comprises ducts with OD sizes 20 – 50 mm

Wall thickness:

DB (Direct Bury) DI (Direct Install)
Direct Bury are thick-wall products providing strong mechanical protection enabling their direct laying into the ground (trenches, microtrenches) Direct Install are thin-wall ducts typically installed into another outer protective duct or into spaces with no direct mechanical exposure


Quality Testing:

Measuring thickness Pressure test



All Dura-Line´s products are pre-lubricated with special inner lining of SilicoreTM providing excellent results when blowing /pulling in cables.

Key advantages of SilicoreTM:

  • Faster and easier cable installations
  • SilicoreTM is permanent, solid material that does not react with water
  • Reduced coefficient of friction remains constant over time
  • Cost effective repairs and/or upgrades

The SILICORE™ super slick permanent lining remains for future repairs, replacements or upgrades.

Colours & Marking:

The basic range comprises 22 colours. DuraDucts are also available with various types of stripes.
When there is a need for other, customized colours, pls refer to RAL´s colour codes.


For DuraDucts, various packaging types are available; the ducts can be supplied wound on drums or as coils.
Types of drums:

  • Wooden disposable drums
  • Metal drums
  • FAST-Ins re-usable, collapsible drums
  • Coils (loose coils supplied fixed on palettes


Wooden drums Metal drums